Lithgow Information & Neighbourhood Centre

LINC is here to support all Lithgow residents with a broad range of support services. We help Lithgow residents and the community as a whole to become its most connected, supportive and engaged self.
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Supporting the Lithgow Community

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Lithgow Disability Services

LINC Disability Services provides various assisted living options and supports to people in the community.

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Lithgow Aged Care Services

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) helps you stay independent and in your home and community for longer.

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Lithgow Community Development

The Community Hub is a space to connect with information, organisations and events across our community.

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Lithgow Communities & Kids Services

Our service provides support to families who have children aged from birth to 8 years of age. We support families and children in numerous ways.

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Lithgow Counselling Services

CYFC is a free and confidential counselling service funded three days per week by the Department of Communities.

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Community Guide

LINC works hard to help the entire Lithgow community to become better connected. If you are looking for local service providers, check out Community Guide.
about LINC

How we care for our community

Trust runs to the core of our community and is something we take seriously in our own actions and those of others. It is our job at LINC to to nurture and support Lithgow towards its greatest level of connectivity and community.

We do this through the provision of flexible and inclusive services to all segments of the community. We also do it by supporting the community to embrace all of its members through education, events and mutual support.

Each decision we make, conversation we have and action we take must come from a place of care. We act for better for the whole community.



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