Disability Services

LINC Disability Services  provides various assisted living options and supports to people in the community who have an intellectual/developmental, physical and/or psychiatric disability who are under 65 years of age and receive an individualised funding package under the NDIS, ADHC or who are financially independent (e.g. compensation payments, inheritance etc.)

These services are now provided under user pays system, so people interested in obtaining a quote for their support needs must have the funds available to cover the service costs.

LINC Disability Services is registered for NDIS and is Third Party Verified.

The programs we provide:
Support Coordination - Assisted Living Options- Flexible Respite - Drop in Support - Active Linking Initiative - LINCAbility Social Support program

Assisted Living

LINC Disability Services offers support and personal care to people with disabilities in residential settings. This service is funded under various packages received from National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Ageing Disability and Homecare (ADHC) and independent funded sources i.e. compensation.

LINC Disability Service is continuing to work towards further development of this service, we currently operate 3 assisted living cottages  in Lithgow with a capacity to house 14 consumers. We are open to other models of assisted living, please feel free to ask us!

LINC Disability Services supports consumers who have a physical, psychological and or developmental disability. Support varies from 5 hours per day to 24 hours a day,  incorporating active nights and sleep over shifts, the degree of assistance is dependent on the level of support the person requires.

Supports Coordination for NDIS Plans

Our support coordination officer will help you understand your NDIS plan and how to access the services you want, to help you reach the goals you want to achieve, while enabling you to exercise choice and control.

Support coordination helps link you to the services in your area, including specialist services, community and government services, as well as mainstream supports.

Our support coordinator will also oversee your plan budget and make sure that all services are fair and accessing your plan funds appropriately. Your support coordinator will ensure quotes, service agreements and service bookings are completed fairly and correctly.

We can assist you in planning ahead to prepare for your plan review. They can also support you to obtain a plan review if needed.

Our support coordinators will assist you to get the most out of your plan funded supports.

Social and Recreational Support

Day Programs
Limitless at LINC is our daily skill development centre based program, which operates Monday to Thursday, (excluding public holidays), from 9am – 3pm.

Our participants at Limitless explore skill development opportunities such as health and nutrition, sport and fitness, gardening, arts and crafts, sewing, volunteering and accessing the wider community. Themed weeks and special theme days are all part of the fun and social opportunities offered to our participants.

LINC on location operates every Friday (excluding public holidays) from 9am – 3pm.

LINC on location is a community-based program, offering our participants an opportunity to access the wider region, while enjoying the company of their peers and accessing some fun opportunities, all the while being fully supported.

LINC on Location ensures fully accessible outings and offers fun activities such as Laser Tag, 10 Pin Bowling, movies, bushwalking, lunches out and more.

Our Saturday Men’s group is a new program offering an opportunity for social connection and outings for male participants, over 18yrs, with a disability, operating every Saturday (except public holidays) from 9am – 3pm, or other times on occasion according to scheduled activities.

Fully supported activities include fishing trips, gardening, woodworking, pub lunches, BBQing, sporting events and other opportunities for our participants to connect with their peers and develop friendships in a supported and safe environment.

Join us every Friday (excluding public holidays) for lunch out on the town! A relaxed and enjoyable social opportunity for adults with a disability.

Pick up and drop off can be arranged. A different venue each week, as chosen by our participants.

Take a long lunch and relax with friends in a supportive environment.

Flexible Respite

LINC Disability Services takes a proactive and holistic approach to respite. We envision our flexible respite program will assist families to plan for the future whilst  providing  necessary experiences and information to the person with a disability, their carers and family members. Our flexible respite can be tailored for the individual's own home or in our respite cottage situated in Lithgow NSW.

We believe our program will benefit the person's self esteem, social engagement and can help them develop new skills and interests.

To be eligible for this program you will need to be funded through NDIS, ADHC or have independent means of funding source for example compensation.

Drop in Support

Drop in Support Service provides a range of holistic lifestyle services to enable people living in their homes to have meaningful and genuine engagement in their community and to promote inclusion and independence, we do this through:

Social and recreational activities, domestic support, assistance with bill payment, meal preparation, shopping and budgeting skills.

The amount of support given will be based on individual funding through NDIS or ADHC funding or an independent funding source ie compensation.