Meg Benson Family Therapist

Meg Benson, AFC Service Manager, has been in the LINC  Youth and Family Therapist role since 2005.

Meg feels it is one of the best jobs in the world to be entrusted with supporting young people and families to achieve lives that feel rewarding with increased individual and or family well being.  Social justice and equal access, is a value held close by Meg and LINC while ensuring work with clients is trauma informed and strength building.

Meg is the current Chair of Lithgow Partnerships against Domestic Violence & Family Abuse for the last 3 years ( 10 yrs as general member).  Initiatives of this committee are the Lithgow Cares Campaign and the annual Trivia night in support of WHITE RIBBON & LPADVFA  and now a new annual walk, making a stand against DV

Meg is a Member of the Adolescent and Family Counsellors Association of NSW

Meg has spent 12 years in training over time and her qualifications include  a Bachelor Degree equiv as a  Clinical Psychotherapist ICP and diploma in Counselling, ANZAIDA. In addition meg has post-grad Diploma as a Couples and Family Therapist ICP. Meg has Specialist skills in Therapeutic Applications of Expressive Arts (Drama, visual art, music, play, creative writing) ANZAIDA. has graduated with a Cert4 in Relationship Education with the Institute of Family Practice IFP. Meg is also a trained facilitator of the Resilience Doughnut Model, TEEN PPP , RAGE, Managing the Bull programs.