Counselling for Teens 11-18yrs

The AFC Counselling Service

Adolescent and Family Counsellors provide a safe environment for young people aged 11 to 18 and or their families to discuss issues :

  • When issues with friends, school, work or family are impacting negatively on their lives
  • When issues cause unhappiness, fear, confusion or anger
  • When there is a sense of hopelessness
  • when new hope emerges and a wish for change is strong
  • When something traumatic has happened
  • When there are safety concerns
  • When there is a belief that change is needed

What a Counsellor does

Adolescent and Family Counsellors confidentially support and work with young people and their families to achieve positive change by:

  • Providing strategies to cope with family relationship issues.
  • promoting mutual understanding
  • Providing a supportive environment to discuss and address issues, thoughts¬† and emotions
  • Providing a safe place to build the skills that empower the young person and their families to overcome difficulties.
  • reflect back the strengths, abilities and resources to young people and families, to assist with confidence building